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Piazza Navona.

This is actually one of my favorite spots in Rome. The piazza is huge and open, an while vendors will come up to you and bother you until you snap, the fountain, the cute cafes, the musicians, the Church, and the obelisk make it hard to be unhappy. The obelisk in the center is of Roman origins: it was quarried and carved in Egypt, but under the orders of a Roman ruler. The fountain underneath the obelisk was my favorite part: it is a piece built by Bernini in 1651 called the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, or the “Fountain of the Four Rivers.” The four rivers represented are the Nile of Africa, the Danube of Europe, the Ganges of Asia, and the Plate of the Americas. The man representing the Nile is blind-folded, as the source of the Nile River was unknown at the time. The statue representing the Danube is the closest to the Papal symbol on the base of the obelisk: two keys behind the papal symbol. Obviously, since the Vatican is in Rome, these touches represent the Christianization of Rome. The man representing the Ganges is holding an oar, as that river is famous for its navigability. Finally, the man representing the Plata river is sitting upon a pile of coins, a metaphor for the wealth of the New World. The Piazza Navona contains an intriguing obelisk surrounded by gorgeous architecture and artwork - it is a must-see for any traveler visiting Rome.

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